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February 2021 Release Notes, Part 2

It's been a busy month! This week we released our second release for the month. This one includes updates to the Team Schedule, Roster, and the introduction of Team Settings. Team Schedule Calendar View This will be the most obvious enhancement for our Complete Team and Collegiate subscribers. From the desktop, this will now be your new schedule view to get a more complete picture of the month ahead. This view will also allow you to view your schedule history. RSVPs can be done from the event summary. Event Detail When you select an event, you will be taken to the new event details screen. This will outline specifics of the event: Date/Time, Location, Practice Objectives. Everyone will be able to RSVP from the action bar at the bottom, while coaches will be able to trigger an immediate Event Reminder or make edits to the event. By flipping over to ATTENDANCE, coaches will see a brief summary of RSVPs for their team, a list of who has RSVPed, and who has not. In addition, coaches wi

January 2021 Release Notes: The App is LIVE.

  Save Time and Keep Your Team Accountable. Lacrosse Lab helps coaches run a more productive team. One where you spend less time standing around and more time practicing. With our play designer, team schedule, and roster management, coaches can offload many of the setup and administrative tasks to happen before practice so that their players come prepared and ready to play.

February 2021 Release Notes

 On Saturday, February 6, we released our second set of enhancements of 2021. This one was almost entirely driven by user requests. Here's a quick look at the changes: 1. Player and Move Detail - this was a really popular request of our most prolific play creators. The Player and Move Detail options have now been moved to the Design Toolbar. They will contextually appear when you've selected either a player or a move. See the Move Type and Add Role pop-ups in the screenshots below. 2. Share Folders - With this enhancement, you can now share entire folders from My Playbook to Team playbook.  3. Rearrange Plays/Folders - You can now re-order your plays and folders within your playbooks to stay organized and prioritize for your players. Use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" options in the play or folder drop-down.