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Eight things we've learned as entrepreneurs.

This is not a traditional post, but we wanted to take some time to share some of our learnings. A lot of our customers are small business owners, so maybe this brief change-up will be useful. We've been working on this project for a few years and have grown quite a bit in that time. We're sprinting in our execution and still finding time to balance our hard work with a lot of time for reflection. While these thoughts are written in the context of a software startup, they're lessons that can be applied to any type of business, even Club Lacrosse and AAU Basketball. Here are a few things that we're attributing to our success: 1. Be obsessed with product design. Iterate constantly. Be agile. All those buzzwords, seriously. Nothing that we've built is off-limits for a revamp; it can all be improved. We circle back to things that we built 3 years ago at least every couple of months to make sure they still align with the vision or our next round of enhancements. Also, mak