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About Our Pricing


We are pleased to announce our updated pricing structure and payment plans. As we continue to build out our tool, we have come to learn that one-size-fits-all does not align with our users' expectations. Our customers represent parent coaches, club programs, and all the way up to collegiate programs - each having a very different set of needs and requirements. This summer, we launched an updated set of bundled features to fulfill the needs of our customers. Going forward, customers have the option of 4 different team packages: Basic, Complete, Collegiate, and Club Complete. We believe that our free personal accounts are foundational to our offering and that will not change. Existing customers will see no change to their current payment rate.

About the New Bundles:

Basic, $15/mo - Where Lacrosse Lab started, a best-in-class online whiteboarding playbook to help coaches teach their players away from their limited practice time. The basic package offers access to our team playbook functionality, for 1 administrator, 3 coaches, and 25 players. Easily share your playbook for your team to view concepts at any time. In addition to our team playbook, coaches can also take advantage of our roster and contact list functionality to deliver communications to their teams.

Complete, $25/mo - The Complete package provides access to our entire product suite and upgraded roster size. Invite up to 40 players, and 3 additional coaches to view your team playbook and team schedule. Build out practice plans for your team to view prior to practice to limit the amount of on-field dry-run required at practice. Finally, track the development of your roster using our Talent Management capabilities found in the roster.

Collegiate, $50/mo - The Collegiate package offers the same functionality available in our Complete package with increased roster sizes. Invite an unlimited number of players and 6 coaches to contribute to the team's playbook.

Club Complete, $20/mo/team - The Club Complete package provides a discounted rate of our Complete package to clubs of 5 teams. All of the team access is consistent with the Complete package, but with additional administrative capabilities. Clubs can add an additional 3 administrator accounts who have access to all team playbooks, rosters, and schedules in the club.

About the New Payment Plans:

We have also introduced an option to pay monthly or annually. Our annual plans include an additional 10% discount from our monthly rate. As a customer, you also have the advantage of only one payment in the event that you expense your Lacrosse Lab costs.

*All existing customers have been grandfathered into their original rate and monthly payment plans.


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