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Favorite Drills: Stickwork

With our most recent release now allowing our users to build their own drills, I wanted to give you all a quick look at some of our favorite drills. We'll start this series with a quick look at stickwork drills. Be sure to comment below with your favorite stickwork drills! L-Passing: We often start our practices with L-Passing. To setup, we set stations along the sideline with groups of 3 players, each 10 yards apart. Set up a cone 5 yards out from the line of players. The ballcarrier will sprint to the cone and complete a maneuver before turning back to the line, passing the ball and filling the back spot of the line. We like L-passing because we can run any number of maneuvers to improve footwork and stickwork. Top Variations (all can be flipped): -Carry righty, turn to the bottom hand (left), pass righty. -Carry righty, drop-step and fade to the right, pass righty. -Carry righty, turn away to the right, pass lefty. Partner Passing: This is another top drill that w