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Lacrosse Basics: Defense

Following up on my previous two posts which covered a Glossary and Offensive Basics, I'm going to flip over to the defensive side. Using this post, I'll cover a defense's primary objectives along with some basic slide packages. Generally, lacrosse defense mimics basketball defense pretty closely, but there are a few situations where lacrosse differs and it will heavily dictate how a team will play one-on-one defense. Shot Angle Impacts Shot Quality The biggest detraction from basketball to lacrosse defense is the concept that the best shots in lacrosse are not determined by proximity alone. In basketball, a 10-foot shot from the baseline is roughly the same quality shot as a 10-foot shot from the elbow - so the rule of, "stay between your man and the basket" holds true. In lacrosse, the angle of the shot significantly impacts its quality and defenses should use that to their advantage. Maintain "Top-Side" Position One of the primary objectiv

Lacrosse Basics: Offense Formations

Hey All, Welcome back the Lacrosse Basics series. This post is going to primarily focus on the core offensive formations, when they are used and a little bit of why. 'Why' is usually a loaded question is better answered with a little more detail that I can provide in separate posts. I will likely be throwing around some terms that I used in the first post, so I'm going to link that  here . This post will focus on the most traditional offensive sets. These include a 2-3-1, 1-4-1, 2-2-2 ("Dueces"), 3-3 and a Circle. I can follow up at a later point in time to review the 3-2-1 and 3-1-2 which are becoming more common at the collegiate level. 2-3-1 When naming a formation in Baltimore, we generally look at the number of players in each row going top to bottom (just like basketball). So the 2-3-1 has 2 players in a row closest to midfield, 3 players across in the middle and 1 player at 'X'. For whatever reason, you'll find NY teams do the

Lacrosse Basics: Glossary

Hey everyone, Now getting into the month of February, lacrosse season is right around the corner. It's even likely that some of you have begun winter training. As we gear up for the season, I am planning on releasing a series of posts outlining lacrosse strategy. To make that job a bit easier, the first post in this series will simply be a glossary of lacrosse jargon. The Field I'm going to skip past the lined portions of the field and just reference this diagram.  Non-official Points of Interest (commonly accepted lacrosse jargon) The Box  is the substitution area. Not to be confused with the offensive/defensive boxes which are referred to above as the "Restraining Box" Between-the-boxes  is defined as the space between the two restraining boxes. This will usually be used when discussing transition (ride/clear). X  is the area behind the goal. Face-off X is the spot at midfield where face-offs occur. Crease  for offense is usually the spac