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Welcome to Lacrosse Lab

Let me start off our first blog post with a big THANK YOU! We have put a lot work into the concept of Lacrosse Lab and we're excited to have you checking us out. We are striving to continue to introduce new functionality regularly for lacrosse coaches and players to enhance their knowledge of the game.
Eric (CEO)
Lacrosse Lab has been conceptualized and built by Ryan Gilbert and myself (Eric Schell) over the last year. Our history of working together, however, extends far beyond the last year. Ryan and I began working together in 2011 at each of our first tries in the professional world. The relationship that we developed in our time working together professionally is one that we have continued to tap into today; Ryan acting as the CTO and lead developer while I am providing product vision, marketing and business development as CEO.

Upon graduating college, I began working at a local company on the software product management team. Ryan joined the organization not long after I did as a software developer. We formed a great working relationship while working in a highly creative skunkworks environment and were given the opportunity to make recommendations for the company’s production software - not a bad start for a pair of recent college grads. Ryan moved on to another organization in 2016, while I continue to work for the same organization in a Product Management role.

Ryan (CTO)
After finishing my MBA in the spring of 2015 and finding myself with some free-time on my hands, I had the itch to get re-acquainted in the lacrosse community after playing at the Division 1 and 3 levels in college. I’m finishing up my second year coaching at the club U-13 level, but have also been involved at the high school and high school club level. Much of Lacrosse Lab’s initial functionality is driven by my need to be more organized as a coach and Ryan accommodating my demands.

While you’re here, we’d love to know what you think. You can reach us at We have some ideas for where we would like to take this project, we’d really like to be building this for you. If you love something, want some more of something or hate something, we want to hear it all. It is our goal to make this a place that you cannot only collaborate with your coaches, but also a place where your players can expand their understanding of the game of lacrosse.



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