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Free Player Accounts Now Available (Release Notes: 3.0)

Hey all, We have a pretty quick turnaround this week, but we want to announce some exciting news! We have made another major update to help you develop your players outside of practice. Free Accounts Anyone can now make a free Lacrosse Lab account. The free access will allow you to create a personal playbook. As a coach, this has allowed me to brainstorm plays and drills in preparation for my practices. *Sharing your plays through Lacrosse Lab will still require the creation of a team. Player Access The primary motivation for providing free accounts was to allow you as a coach to invite players to have permanent access to your playbook. Previously, sharing plays was done using a public link which was difficult for players and their parents to manage. Also, the addition of new plays required a new link. Going forward, all sharing will be done with Lacrosse Lab. Once you have created a team, you will notice that in addition to your coach token, there is a

Welcome to Lacrosse Lab

Let me start off our first blog post with a big THANK YOU! We have put a lot work into the concept of Lacrosse Lab and we're excited to have you checking us out. We are striving to continue to introduce new functionality regularly for lacrosse coaches and players to enhance their knowledge of the game. Eric (CEO) Lacrosse Lab has been conceptualized and built by Ryan Gilbert and myself (Eric Schell) over the last year. Our history of working together, however, extends far beyond the last year. Ryan and I began working together in 2011 at each of our first tries in the professional world. The relationship that we developed in our time working together professionally is one that we have continued to tap into today; Ryan acting as the CTO and lead developer while I am providing product vision, marketing and business development as CEO. Upon graduating college, I began working at a local company on the software product management team. Ryan joined the organization not long